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part three hundred and thirty five

X99 S01 L10
B04 C21 C61
D12 K88 S94
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2.01. Chen/Xiumin; Image

Minseok sets his laptop down in the empty chair across from him, angling the webcam towards the morning sky and the city skyline instead of himself. It's not as good as seeing the City of Light in person, but neither he nor Jongdae can really help the fact that SM's design team had seen fit to fly them off to opposite sides of the world for their latest album photoshoot.

"I bet you're loving this, aren't you, hyung?" says Jongdae's distorted voice from the laptop speakers. He sighs, long and wistful and loud enough for his microphone to pick up. "The Eiffel Tower at dawn, a freshly brewed cup of coffee. What more could you ask for?"

'Company,' Minseok thinks as he leans back into his chair, clutching his cooling drink closer in lieu of Jongdae's soft hand. There's just enough warmth left for him to pretend it's enough. 'You'.

2.02. Suho/Lay; We all have secrets

How well do you really know him?

The question lay heavy in Junmyeon’s mind. But why? He knew Yixing better than anyone. Who else knows he prefers black coffee at 2PM and iced caramel macchiatos at 10AM? That he scraped his knees six times learning to ride a bike when he was five? Or about his apple shaped mole on his inner left thigh? Of course, no one. Only Junmyeon knew.

And yet, the question posed by Minseok wouldn’t leave his mind.

We all have something to hide. Half past five.

Junmyeon always gets out of the studio before 8AM. He hasn’t missed a day of work, ever. But today, he’s feeling a bit sick. It’s probably because he forgot to take his vitamins. Yeah, that’s it. His hands are shaking uncontrollably, and he knows this is what his mother warned him about when skipping those damn vitamins. Yes, that has to be it.

“Yixing? I’m home.”

Junmyeon checks his watch. 5:30AM.

He peers into their bedroom and sees Yixing sound asleep. Junmyeon sighs in relief.

“Baby, why are you awa--”

Junmyeon jumps at the sudden voice behind him, and comes eye to eye with his boss: Lee Sooman.

2.03. Suho; Lucky One

It's been a long time since the compass in Junmyeon's hand has held so steady. Far too long, he thinks, feeling more than ever the lingering ache in his left knee. He'd gotten used to the sight of its needle wavering between the SM building in Apgujeong and his university in Seokgwan, had forgotten what it felt like to know which path his heart had truly wanted as both the silence from upper management and his experiences in his university's acting department piled up.

Now, it points to the stack of unsigned papers in front of him, and the offer that had come along with them.

It's not the first time SM's promised him something over the past five years. But it is the first time they've promised a debut, as real as the contract clutched between his fingers, so close he can already see himself on stage, microphone in hand rather than the compass he's spent the past few years checking uncertainly. He feels fifteen again, when everything he'd ever wanted had seemed within arm's reach.

"Follow your heart," everyone says, and for once Junmyeon does find it that easy, thanks to the compass his heart's come along with.

2.04. Kai, Chen; We all have secrets

“stop twiddling your thumbs and tell me the real fucking reason you asked me to come here.”

jongin slightly winces at jongdae’s harsh tone. “god, you’re such a jerk. i’m about to pour out my heart to you and this is how you treat me?”

“it’s been two hours and you haven’t spilt any tea. what is up, jongin?”

jongin takes a deep breath and chugs his iced coffee. “okay, so, um. i think i like eating ass.”

jongdae stares at him wide eyed.

“oh jesus, kill me…”

jongdae smacks jongin across the head and gets up to leave. “you just wasted my goddamned time. You know, I could have been getting dick right now. Fuck you, jongin.”

“wait, hyung, what? Why are you so—“

“if you think it’s not obvious that you’re an ass muncher, then you need to reevaluate your life,” jongdae scoffs.

jongin is left aghast.

2.05. Chen, Kai, Suho, Xiumin; Alice in Wonderland

Jongin's hands are folded behind his back as he hunches over, as if to make himself smaller. An impossible task, considering the way he currently towers over all three of his older brothers, his head nearly banging against their ceiling. Jongdae glances between Minseok and Junmyeon and wonders which one will address the very large, Jongin-shaped elephant in their living room.

"What have we said about accepting food from Baekhyun?" Junmyeon starts sternly, crossing his arms. He's got that disappointed look Jongdae absolutely hates, that he only resorts to when he knows his usual genial approach won't get him anywhere.

Minseok nods his head in agreement, standing firmly in support of their second eldest. "You ate a mushroom off the ground. It probably wasn't even washed." He sounds more upset about that than Jongin's glaringly obvious disobedience, honestly.

The pout on Jongin's face is more pronounced than ever after his scolding, and not even because of his new size. "If I didn't, Jjanggu would've finished it off!"

"Jjanggu?" Jongdae asks, his heart sinking. His face pales as he's answered by a bark that echoes far too loudly and the sight of a giant black puppy nose outside their window.

2.06. Baekhyun/Lay; We all have secrets

“Jesus fuck don’t stop,” Baekhyun hisses, and Yixing smiles around his dick. His tongue curls against the underside and Baekhyun lets out a sound, his fingers tugging sharp at Yixing’s scalp.

Yixing wrinkles his nose, pulling back just enough to whine. “That hurts!”

Baekhyun’s lips catch in his teeth. “Please hyung, before someone comes in.”

“You should be more quiet,” Yixing says.

Baekhyun opens his mouth to retort, but doesn’t get a chance, not when Yixing’s mouth is so hot just about the head of his dick and fuck he’s good--

“We can hear you, Baekhyun!” Yixing stifles a laugh as Joonmyun knocks on the very door Baekhyun is leaning against. “Other people need the bathroom too.”

“Y-yeah hyung,” Baekhyun’s voice hitching; Yixing takes his whole length into his mouth.

“Has anyone seen Yixing?” they hear Joonmyun through the door.

Baekhyun ends up finishing himself off—Yixing’s too busy laughing.

2.07. Chanyeol/Lay; Image

When Chanyeol reflects on it, he realizes it’s only right it ends where it started. Here, on this balcony, overlooking the city’s skyline. This is where he and Yixing first met. An abandoned loft where Jongdae threw a party three years ago. Yixing was vomiting over the railing because that little fuck couldn’t hold his liquor. He confessed he was eyeing Chanyeol the whole night and just needed some liquid courage. Which was also the case for Chanyeol.

Ever since then, Chanyeol and Yixing would return here to make more memories. They made songs together. Made vlogs together. Made love to one another.

Chanyeol vividly remembers a more somber night where Yixing was feeling down after another company rejected his composition again.

“Nothing good ever lasts.”



Chanyeol should have known it then, that Yixing meant what he said. He should have known to let go of the belief that he and Yixing could make it last. He didn’t, though.

It was only when Yixing called Chanyeol a month ago to meet up here. That was when Chanyeol knew. He saw it in Yixing’s eyes; he didn’t even need to speak. Yixing was leaving him. Because indeed, nothing lasts.

2.08. Chanyeol/Kyungsoo; We all have secrets

“You like this, don’t you?” Chanyeol whispers in Kyungsoo’s ear, bending him over so Chanyeol’s body is hovering over Kyungsoo’s back. “Me towering over you.”

Kyungsoo’s hands try to find leverage on the wall in front of him, but his grip slips. Chanyeol holds him up easily with an arm around Kyungsoo’s waist. Chanyeol grabs one of Kyungsoo’s hands and holds it in his, intertwining their fingers.

Chanyeol’s hand is almost twice the size, his fingers wrapping almost around Kyungsoo’s hand. Kyungsoo whimpers, closes his eyes.

This has always been Kyungsoo’s secret. He likes when Chanyeol makes him feel small.

2.09. xiubaek; Lucky One

“Woo! I won again,” Minseok exclaims, wiggling in his chair in celebration. “Today must be my lucky day.”

Baekhyun grins. “Don’t get comfortable, hyung.”

They’ve been playing Mario Cart for hours, and Minseok has won the last five games. It’s a record for him because he can rarely beat anyone, much less Baekhyun.

Minseok turns around and sticks his tongue out at Baekhyun. “We’ll see,” he says. “After my pee break.”

As soon as he’s out of the room, Chanyeol scoffs from the other side of the room. “You’re letting him win.”

“So?” Baekhyun huffs. “He’s cute when he wins.”

2.10. xiubaek; We all have secrets

Baekhyun has been told he doesn't keep secrets very well.

"You talk too much," Jongdae pointed out, like Baekhyun didn't know that already, "and if it isn't with your mouth you show it on your face. Did you just get mad at hyung over a computer game?" Well, it wasn't JUST a computer game and he wasn't THAT mad, only a little, because he knew Minseok stayed up all night practicing for comeback and learning LoL, reading up on actual FAQs ("I want to do it properly," Minseok said, and it shouldn't sound hot but it was, Baekhyun's weak), and they still lost a lot and Baekhyun showed his ID to everyone and Minseok kept on apologizing like it was his fault when it wasn’t. Baekhyun's mad at himself for wanting to show off. Baekhyun's mad that Minseok didn't believe him. And why? Why couldn't Minseok believe him? Like when Baekhyun says he's hot or handsome or really cool? Or when he asks him out to take a trip together someday with no managers, no Jongdae, and Jongdae's shaking his head and was that words coming out of his own mouth. Oh.

"So, so bad at keeping secrets," Jongdae said.

2.11. Chanyeol, Sehun; We all have secrets

when chanyeol spots an unfamiliar notebook on the coffee table at home, too small to be either minseok's or yixing's (not that the two would leave their belongings scattered around), he can't help picking it up and leafing through it. the penmanship is easily recognizable, though the words aren't as much. there are acrostic poems dedicated to all the members (save the writer himself), and free-flowing vignettes on flower fields, bright lights, and beloved pets, among other themes. chanyeol smiles, reminded of his own earlier attempts at poetry, but his stomach clenches at the pieces on love, whose roughness chafes at the heart with candid longing. only one so young and unsure can harbor such pain, he thinks. as chanyeol flips the notebook closed, he almost, almost, misses the bold heading on an otherwise blank page: “things to maybe show the hyungs when they need words for their music”

2.12. Kyungsoo/chanyeol; Lucky One

Being taking into the spaceship is the last thing Kyungsoo remembers. Everything went to shit the moment he met Chanyeol. He said being alone was turning him into a ticking bomb but in retrospective he was probably talking about himself. Kyungsoo was fine and the world was safe. Safe from his kind. Living a normal life was too risky for them.
Was he greedy for wanting to be himself? Was it worth it?
Now there is no going back. They took them prisoners one by one. But they made a mistake. They are stronger together and their captors will pay.

2.13. Suho/Chen; We all have secrets

"Stand still," Junmyeon whispers as he kisses his neck, making him shudder against the body that is pressing his from behind.
Junmyeon's hands reach around and pinch his nipples, making Jongdae whimper.
"Hush now. We can't have anyone walking in on us, can we?"
Jongdae inhales sharply as Junmyeon's tongue teases the outer shell of his ear and he nods quickly, eager to please.
Then, after making sure Junmyeon is sated, Jongdae's head finds its favorite spot on Junmyeon's lap and he gets to hear the words he craves the most whispered over and over into his ear, "Good boy."

2.14. Sehun/Baekhyun; We all have secrets

“It’s not what it looks like,” Baekhyun exclaims, slamming the closet door shut.

Sehun stands in front of him with a look of horror. He leans down to pick up Vivi, covering his eyes. “I can’t believe you’d let him see something like that. He’s just a puppy.”

“I can explain!” Baekhyun shouts as Sehun leaves the room with Vivi in tow. “We all have secrets!”

“You’ve taken it too far,” Sehun says.

Baekhyun opens his closet and sinks to his knees, grabbing the dog suit where it’s slumped against the carpet. “I’m just a furry. Is that so bad?”

2.15. Kyungsoo-centric; Lucky One

Their powers came back. Not all at once but in bits and pieces. It took a while before Chanyeol can get the bonfire going, or for Junmyeon to generate enough water for the members to drink. Jongin doesn’t attempt to teleport at all for fear of losing a body part.
“Must be nice knowing things again.” Sehun slumps beside Kyungsoo against the smooth rock-face, talking about the less mundane side of Kyungsoo’s abilities. If Kyungsoo lets his hands touch the ground he can feel it seep back into his fingers—the strength from the earth, the knowledge of this place, on what has been done to them, how lucky they are to have escaped—
They have never escaped. Kyungsoo grabs the sand. It’s slippery in his hands, less like sand and more like tidbits of simulation data.
“Not really,” he says and debates what he’s going to tell Junmyeon.

2.16. Suho/Lay; Image

Sometimes it hits him the moment he steps outside, or when he sits down with a coffee, or when he leans over the railing and smells the ghost of cigarette smoke. Strangely, it bothers him less than it should. A brief ache, as familiarly fleeting as the one in his knee.

Rainbows aren't mourned in their passing—their beauty was in transience itself, an elusive remnant of shrouded skies. Joonmyun sighs, and draws back inside.

It’s been three Tuesdays, since then. Since Yixing pat his arm one last time, and said, staring earnestly into his eyes: "it was worth it."