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part three hundred and twenty four

merry xmas!

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congrats team baekhyun!

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"I’m meant to kill you but I’ve been watching you for a week to work out how and you’re just too nice.’

team bbh 323w

(Anonymous) 2015-12-26 07:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Baekhyun is in trouble. He has two weeks to kill Junmyeon and one has already passed. He was just so nice and loveable and kind and rich and handsome and everything Baekhyun loved in a man. It was hard to put a bullet through someone’s head where he had a crush. Life was cruel like this, he supposed.

First he made up the excuse to himself that he needed to figure out just how to kill Junmyeon. Would it actually be a bullet to some body part? Knife to the throat? Car crash? The options were nearly limitless and Baekhyun hadn’t settled on any particular on. He mostly favored the bullet, but Junmyeon. He couldn’t scar Junmyeon’s body like that. That dilemma was over three days.

Then the holidays rolled around and Baekhyun knows what it’s like to lose someone during something centered around family and he just couldn’t do it. He couldn’t break the hearts of everyone Junmyeon loved on Christmas. Doing it on Christmas was too cruel. So now he sits and waits inside of a restaurant trying to think of the ways he could kill Junmyeon without feeling guilty. He could always use Jongdae’s help, but that would also mean giving Jongdae a cut of his profit so that option is out.

He understands why they want him dead. He’s a world renowned doctor about to give a lecture on something that’s supposed to cure something and better the world and Junmyeon’s perfect for even taking up medicine, dedicating his life to it. Baekhyun sighs, thinking that the government is cruel and even with the bonus he’s getting for this mission, it doesn’t seem worth it. He wonders if he can convince Junmyeon to leak the information before his speech, but a stranger showing up on his doorstep probably wouldn’t go over so well.

Baekhyun thinks and thinks and thinks wondering now, just how he can make sure Junmyeon lives.

Re: team bbh 323w

(Anonymous) 2015-12-26 08:00 pm (UTC)(link)
this is leaving me wanting more ;;


(Anonymous) 2015-12-26 07:59 pm (UTC)(link)
Minseok just sits there all day in the corner of the room, nibbling on carrots and sunflower seeds and completely ignoring the fact that Jongdae was here first. Granted, it's not like he's as bad as Chanyeol, whose long limbs are usually splayed all over the place without any disregard for other's personal space and belongings or communal areas, nor is he like Baekhyun who blatantly steals things from everyone else if he happens to feel too bored only to get away with it as soon as he shoots those puppy dog eyes in everyone's direction. But Jongdae's gotten used to them, has grown fond of them even no matter how often he ends up whining at them to move over or return his things.

Minseok, however, is different. For one thing, he's a hamster.

Honestly, Jongdae isn't quite sure what Junmyeon was thinking when he brought home a cage with a tiny little rat inside, small and fluffy and quick in a way that made it hard for Jongdae to look away without his stomach growling. Something about Minseok makes Jongdae's tail twitch, causes his claws to involuntary extend even when he isn't in the mood to knead anything.

"He's part of our family now," Junmyeon reminds him when he catches Jongdae staring a little too intensely, pupils blown. "You can't eat him. He's very nice."

Jongdae simply purrs as Junmyeon scratches behind his ears. He's sure it probably sounds like he's agreeing with his owner, but as he keeps his eyes trained on Minseok, he knows it couldn't be further from the truth.

"Soon," he meows, even when the way Minseok looks over and smiles at him gives him pause.


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damn it, i only had 10 min :< why did you have to start when i was showering, mod????? lol