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part three hundred and thirty five

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EX'ACT - LOTS: Round 2 Voting

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There are 33 entries, exactly the same number as round 1. There’s only one pool, but because of comment character limitations, the drabbles are split into several comments.

Please read through all of them, and then leave your vote in the voting form linked below. Given the increased pool size, there are now 6 'Favorite' votes and 3 'Eliminate' votes. You are required to vote for your top 3 and your bottom 1, and must provide a reason for your top 2 and your bottom 1. This is to help prevent "because this is/isn't my OTP" votes! If you liked or disliked it, I'm sure you can come up with a reason! (It doesn't have to be fancy: I liked the plot, I thought it was a creative use of the prompt, it's not clear how the prompt was used, the writing felt clunky, etc.)

The scoring has also been adjusted accordingly, with Favorite votes giving points from +6/+5…/+1, Eliminate giving points of -3/-2/-1, and each submission earning +2.

If you vote for the same drabble more than once (eg. vote drabble no. 3 for both top 1 and top 2) the vote will be disqualified, so please make sure to check carefully!

Voting will close (officially) at 18:59 UTC. (But will remain effectively open until I close the form.) If you notice any formatting errors, please comment to this (top) comment! Thank you!

Have fun!


Quick Jump

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Round 2: Drabbles 1 - 14

[personal profile] exoact 2016-06-25 12:45 am (UTC)(link)

01. Suho/Kai; Baby Don't Cry

Don’t cry, dammit. Control yourself. Junmyeon repeats the words in his head as he looks at his reflection in the mirror. It’s useless; the tears keep falling anyway. He is supposed to be the one to keep his group strong, to hold them together, but here he is hiding in the bathroom, crying.

He tells himself that the world isn’t over yet. EXO will survive this. They have to. Losing a member will hurt now but that too will pass. The problem is that his heart isn’t listening to his rational voice. Seven years of pain and hope about to be destroyed because of one selfish person. And just when they are making it big as a group. Fucking hell.

Eventually he washes his face and decides to face reality. He isn’t expecting to see Jongin standing outside the door, though. Poor kid looks worried.

“Hey,” Junmyeon avoids looking him in the eyes and laughs weakly. “Sorry I was taking so long in there.”

The arms that embrace him take him by surprise.

“You take care of us, hyung,” Jongin whispers into his shoulder. “Let us do the same for you.”

Junmyeon smiles. He will save the tears for now.

02. Sehun/Chanyeol; To the stars

“Remember that meteor shower?” There’s no answer, but Chanyeol doesn’t expect one, not when Sehun’s already asleep.

“Man, we were really young…a lot’s changed. The sky’s the same, though. Kinda takes me back.”

Their moms had let them stay up—they’d gotten a blanket and lay outside to wait for stars to streak across the sky. Chanyeol hadn’t seen any—he’d fallen asleep too soon. But Sehun had been there, and the stars would always be there, and he’d been happy.

“I keep thinking of things I should say to you—where you could hear them, I mean. I guess you can, but it’s…”

Starlight spills across the lone boy in the field, watching the stars laugh as if nothing had ever changed.

Under the same sky, Sehun reaches for Chanyeol’s hand under the blankets—

A gentle wind envelops him like an invisible embrace, and Chanyeol reaches for the stars.

03. sebaek; Will you dare to cross the line (/They Never Know)

“I feel like this is crossing some kind of line,” Sehun says as he lies down stomach first on his bed.

Baekhyun gets on the bed after him, sitting on the back of Sehun’s legs. They’ve been planning this for weeks, waiting for the right time when no one else was home and they wouldn’t have to be interrupted.

Baekhyun watches the way Sehun’s ass jiggles when he shifts on the bed. “I’m not gay,” he says instantly.

“Neither am I.” Sehun huffs.

“I’m glad we cleared that up,” Baekhyun says, clearing his throat. “Can I bite your butt now?”

04. suchen; Baby Don't Cry

“What is it this time?” Jongdae asks with a yawn.

“I don’t know,” Joonmyun says. “I tried everything.”

Joonmyun stands in the middle of the nursery, holding a crying Areum in his arms. He looks like he’s about to start crying any second, so Jongdae walks over and takes her into his own arms. She wraps one of her tiny fists around his finger and blinks up at him.

Joonmyun huffs. “She likes you better.”

“Doesn’t everyone?” Jongdae says, smirking.

Jongdae rocks Areum back and forth in his arms, lulling her to sleep with his voice. Baby don’t cry, tonight.

05. Baekhyun/Chen; Will you dare to cross the line (/They Never Know)

“Should we really do this?” Jongdae says. “Once we cross this line—”

He cuts himself off, but Baekhyun can fill in the blanks: we can never go back. Jongdae is his best friend—the one he goes to when his voice isn’t doing what it’s supposed to, when he feels like he’s not good enough, when he can barely get out of bed under the weight of everyone’s expectations.

This could ruin everything, but Baekhyun can’t ignore the way his stomach twists when he sees Jongdae in the morning, hair a mess and sleep still creeping in the corners of his eyes. Baekhyun can’t ignore the way his eyes watch the corners of Jongdae’s mouth when he speaks, tracing every rise and fall.

“It’ll be worth it,” Baekhyun says. Decides.

Jongdae smiles, and Baekhyun follows the movement, even as Jongdae leans in to press a kiss against his lips.

06. Chanyeol/Sehun; Will you dare to cross the line (/They Never Know)

“Goodnight, babies!”

“Go to bed! We’ll see each other tomorrow at the concert!”

Chanyeol ends the broadcast with the big lazy smile still on his face. Lying next to him on the same bed, Sehun yawns, only now showing sign of sleepiness despite the lateness. The live broadcast with their fans has been satisfying; something about seeing idols in bed excite the fans tuning in.

Looking at Sehun, Chanyeol can see the appeal, though. He looks soft and vulnerable in a way that makes Chanyeol want to hold him and never let go. His heart aches; it is so easy to reach over and kiss him…

“Hyung, you are staring,” Sehun says, turning on his side to face Chanyeol.

“Hmm,” Chanyeol mimics him and smiles. He closes his eyes. Tonight. It has to be tonight. Or never. “You are cute,” he says with a look he hopes is intense. He makes his voice sound even deeper somehow. Has it worked? For some reason, Sehun isn’t calling him a dork in reply. Or hitting him playfully.

“Kiss me, then.” Fuck.

Tonight, Chanyeol.

He pulls Sehun closer, no hesitation from the latter.

The kiss isn’t great. But what it promises is: love.

07. Chanyeol/Kyungsoo; Image (Snowy City)

As Chanyeol and Kyungsoo walk through the park, snow falls and flutters around them. Kyungsoo glances to his side—Chanyeol’s wearing a thin jacket, and his hands shake as he presses them into his pockets.

Kyungsoo untwists the scarf from around his own neck and places it around Chanyeol’s. Chanyeol stares at him with wide eyes.

“You don’t have to—” he starts to say, but Kyungsoo elbows him in the ribs before he can finish.

“Let’s walk a little further,” Kyungsoo says.

He likes the way the ground looks covered in snow. He likes the flush of Chanyeol’s cheeks and the way snowflakes get caught on his eyelashes before melting away. Kyungsoo raises his hands to breathe warmth onto them, but before he can get there Chanyeol is wrapping his own hands around both of Kyungsoo’s.

“To keep you warm,” Chanyeol says.

He smiles when Kyungsoo doesn’t pull away.

08. Xiumin/ Baekhyun; Image (Truck)

“How does it feel being independent at the tender age of 30?” Baekhyun asks Minseok from the back of the rental truck, hands pillowing his head, watching Minseok’s slow progress up and down the stairs of the new flat. It’s as ridiculous as Baekhyun’s lack of upper body strength. Minseok has been independent since signing on as a trainee at 18, since going to China at 22.
“Is this a practice interview?” Minseok says as he bats away Baekhyun’s attempts of stealing his water bottle.
“Imagine the articles coming out of this, hyung. Xiumin can’t stand EXO! Xiumin hates his roommates!”
Minseok climbs in, bumping Baekhyun for space on the truck bed. “I hate that you tagged along and tapped out after carrying one box.”
“Your stuffed toys are heavy.”
They’re quiet after that. Minseok can’t believe he hasn’t been clear about this. But Baekhyun can be dense at times.
“In the living room, there’s space for gym equipment,” Minseok says. Baekhyun makes a face like he’s imagined how heavy they would be. “You can work out there even when I’m out.”
Baekhyun exhales. Nudges Minseok’s pinky. “I’m bringing my laptop.”
“I said work out.” He tugs Baekhyun’s finger back.

09. Chanyeol/Lay; Will you dare to cross the line (/They Never Know)

In Chinese, Chanyeol’s name reads bright. It’s fitting, because he is bright; from his laugh to his eyes to the very depths of his heart. It’s why Yixing loves working with him—a steadfast star even on Yixing’s worst days, when he writes melodies to tragic loves he’s never had, lyrics about betrayals yet to happen, about betrayals that’ve rent his heart to shreds.

(Yixing recognizes it immediately in the van, even with the pages open and askew. Chanyeol must’ve dropped it—but it’s Yixing’s name in the margins, hangul, hanja, hangul, that catch his eye, and the song—

”Mmmm, about someone…I’m not allowed to like?” Chanyeol laughs as he explains, Yixing puzzling over the phrasing.

“Because we’re idols?”

A beat of hesitation. “Yeah.”

Yixing understands.

—but. Smiles, touches, pauses fall into place. Gingerly, he swallows, sliding it later into Chanyeol’s bag.)

“Hyung, what do you think?” Chanyeol’s voice jerks Yixing back into the studio; his eyes beam when Yixing nods.

There’s a line—Yixing leans just over it to press a kiss against Chanyeol’s cheek. He places a finger against his lips as he pulls back, and can only hope his smile hides the fear thudding through his heart.

10. Kai, Sehun, Suho; Will you dare to cross the line (/They Never Know)

“Come on. I dare you.”

The smirk on Sehun’s face isn’t as convincing as he thinks. If Jongin were to be completely honest, he could shit his pants right now.

“What do you want me to do, Jongin hyung?”

Jongin looks down on Joonmyun kneeling before him, jaw tight, forcing a smile.

“There’s no better time to cross the line than now. It’s yaja time,” Sehun whispers, breathe hot, like the devil he is, on the nape of Jongin’s neck.

Jongin scans the room for Baekhyun, looking for the green light. If Baekhyun thinks it’s okay, then it’s okay. He pushes the boundaries of inappropriate all the time. When their eyes do meet though, Baekhyun just shrugs.

“Hurry up!” Sehun says, pushing Jongin, causing Joonmyun’s face to come real close to Jongin’s crotch. Instant semi.

Now there’s only one thing Jongin can think about from this angle and he blurts it ou--

“Give me head!”

Jongin regrets it as soon as it comes out.

Everything happens so quickly. Sehun is yelling Holy fucks all over the place, Baekhyun and Chanyeol scramble out of the room, Joonmyun searches for his belt, and Jongin finds himself on the floor begging for forgiveness.

11. SeXing; Baby Don't Cry

The apartment was cold.

Yixing burrowed further into the couch, wrapping the blanket tightly around himself. Jongdae poked his head from the kitchen door, eyebrows furrowed with concern.

“Need anything?”

Yixing looked up and shook his head, before turning and resuming his position.

“Good night, hyung.”

Yixing was left alone with his thoughts as Jongdae went off to bed, the loud click of his lock reminding him of the tension from earlier. Where the three of them stood after the departure of half their subgroup was unclear, and he could feel the pressure, their unspoken questions weighing down on him.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts.

“Come in,” Yixing called out, too tired to get up.

Sehun entered, walking briskly before throwing himself onto the blanket against Yixing. They stayed that way for a few minutes before Yixing looked over, his chest caving in at the tear tracks now evident on Sehun’s face.

“Don’t cry,” he whispered, brushing his thumb across Sehun’s face.

“Will you leave too?” Sehun asked, eyes shut as if afraid to face an answer. Yixing sat up and pulled him into his chest, wrapping his arms around him.

“Never. Not while you’re with me.”

12. Kai/Sehun; Baby Don't Cry

Sehun finishes practice around 2am and makes it over to Jongin by 3am.

“Doesn’t look good. One more time,” is the first thing Sehun hears when he arrives at the teaser filming location.

“Not so fast,” Sehun says, grabbing onto Jongin’s jacket. “I brought you some vitamins. Drink up, first.”

Jongin’s shoulders noticeably drop in relief. He gives Sehun a small, shy smile. “You didn’t have to.”

“But I wanted to.”

“I know. And I appreciate it.”

They sit and chat for ten minutes, which Sehun later finds is the first break Jongin has allowed him self since he started filming earlier that day.

With their impending debut, everyone is putting in more work and effort into preparing for that long awaited occasion.

As Sehun monitors Jongin, he’s reminded of all the years they’ve trained together. The cramped space they put up with in the dorms, the countless meals they’ve shared, along with the confessions of hope and fear of failure. Jongin was with Sehun through it all.

And watching Jongin now, moving so smoothly and effortlessly, fills Sehun with so much pride, because this is the person he gets to debut with. To share and build his future with.

13. Suho; Image (Snowy City)

The day after they’ve won, Joonmyun wakes up aching, blood caking up the side of his face. Kyungsoo is pulling out Chanyeol and Jongin from the rubble. Yixing sits with someone Joonmyun can no longer recognize, healing the deep gushing cut on their brow. There is little fanfare around the city. Even Baekhyun is quiet, clutching Jongdae’s torn sleeve. Joonmyun refuses to do a headcount.

There is, however, the small matter of cleaning up.

There are rubble and debris to sweep off the streets, people to patch up while medical services are unavailable. The hot humid summer is unkind to the piles of dead bodies, so Chanyeol sets fire to them in the city square, mask over his mouth. Sehun finds Minseok’s jacket.

“Go get some sleep, hyung,” Sehun says an indeterminate number of days later. How can Joonmyun sleep when there’s so much left to do, to put in order, to apologize for—

A cold wind blows at the back of Joonmyun’s neck. When he looks up at the clear blue sky, a perfect snowflake settles unmelted at his warm cheek.

“Oh thank god,” Joonmyun says, watching the snow falling across their city, watching his people’s faces light up.

14. suho/chanyeol/lay + xiumin; Image (Snowy City)

Shards of ice slice against their skin, and Joonmyun knows with a sinking heart there’s little of the Xiumin he’d known in the raging storm, the ice spirit already swallowed by malevolence.

“If you use any more mana you’ll disappear!” Joonmyun yells, but it’s no use—a burst of ice strikes him in the chest.

“I got him!” Yixing yells, just as Joonmyun’s body goes numb. Red flashes in his eyes—fire arcing from Chanyeol’s blade in a shield, streaks of blood, knife sharp, on Yixing’s face.

“We have to stop him,” Joonmyun says. Yixing nods, brows furrowed, hands hovering over Joonmyun’s chest until Joonmyun can sit up again.

“I know,” Yixing says. He helps Joonmyun to his feet, but Joonmyun catches the flicker of hesitation before he turns.

They hadn’t stopped the Spirit of Lightning.

But: “We will stop him,” Yixing says.

Joonmyun unholsters his guns. “Let’s do this.”

Round 2: Drabbles 15 - 21

[personal profile] exoact 2016-06-25 12:46 am (UTC)(link)

15. D.O, Chanyeol, Sehun; Image (Truck) | Warnings: horror?

Kyungsoo would be lying if he said he didn't wish he were a bit taller. Height and long legs are universally loved and appreciated. You don’t ever hear someone fawn over a person who’s short. It’s why guys make it a point to state their height on tinder.

Kyungsoo would also be lying if he said he loved the idea of being tall. Those long legs can definitely be bothersome. Especially with his craft.

Park Chanyeol and Oh Sehun. Both six feet, at the least. Kyungsoo gave up being gentle with them, their limp bodies too heavy and taxing on Kyungsoo’s own small figure. He knows the boss prefers his subjects with the least amount of imperfections as possible, but this instance can be overlooked. A couple of heads cracked open isn’t unsalvageable.

When Kyungsoo manages to get the upper halves of the bodies into the back of his truck, he stops there. It’s not like their long legs would fit anyway. As they dangle over the tailgate, Kyungsoo is grateful the night will conceal it.

He takes one last look at the boys to make sure everything’s in order. Hands tied, mouths socked, eyes gouged. Gorgeous.

Well done, Kyungsoo.

16. Suho; To the stars

Surprisingly, SM's rooftop is left unsecured. One would think that for all of the shattered hopes and dreams tiling its immaculate corridors, the company would be more cautious about that, but as long as Junmyeon's been a trainee, he hasn't heard of anything beyond small squabbles and lunch dates up here.

Regardless, that works out for him. The crowded practice rooms below are reeking of pessimism and sweat, and everyone he had bumped into on his way up had been testier than usual given the upcoming evaluations. They all needed some fresh air, though Junmyeon seems to be the only one to act on it.

He’s not surprised it’s already dark out after stepping out of the stairwell, the city lights already illuminating the skyline. Losing track of time is easy when the windows inside are covered by SM’s silly curtains and the only passage of time that matters to anyone is the length of a song. He takes in the late night chill, exhales as he turns his gaze up towards the empty, endless sky. The only stars in Seoul are in buildings like SM’s, Junmyeon remembers, his chest tightening in pure longing.

“Soon,” he tells himself. Promises himself.

17. Suho, Kyungsoo; To the stars

Kyungsoo watches as a police box soars through the sky and crashes into his yard. Flames lick around the edges and pieces of wood break off on impact.

“What the fuck,” Kyungsoo says.

He jumps back as the top pops open and a man emerges.

“Hello!” the man says cheerfully. He glances back toward the police box with a half grimace, half smile. “The landing went exactly as planned.”

Kyungsoo gapes. “You—you have a little—“ he says, gesturing to the top of the man’s head.

The man reaches a hand up and swats at the small fire that’s burning on top of his head. He puts it out, but smoke still drifts from the spot. “That’s going to hurt tomorrow,” he says. He’s still smiling.

“Who are you? What are you?”

“Well, I’m the doctor. But you can call me Joonmyun,” he says, dusting off his pants and looking up at Kyungsoo with a smile. “And you are?”


“Kyungsoo,” Joonmyun repeats, rolling the name around on his tongue. “I like it. Why don’t you join me?”

“Why would I do that?” Kyungsoo asks.

Joonmyun grins, raising his hands toward the sky. “I can show you the stars.”

18. kyungsoo/kai; Baby Don't Cry

They’re in the van after the fansign and the awkwardness is suffocating. Jongin won’t meet his eyes.

“I won’t tell anyone you cried,” Kyungsoo says, raising an eyebrow. “If that’s what’s worrying you.”

A flush rises to Jongin’s cheeks, and he stares pointedly out the window. “I didn’t cry.”

What Kyungsoo wants to say: Let me help you. I don’t know how to make this better, but I’m trying.

What he says: “It was a bit embarrassing.”

Kyungsoo laughs and Jongin takes a swing at his shoulder, but Kyungsoo can see the smile behind his eyes. That’s enough—for now.

19. xiuyeol; Image (Snowy City)

“Come with me,” Minseok says.

He wraps his palm around Chanyeol’s wrist and guides him outside. Minseok’s touch always helps soothe him, always helps dull the flames thrumming under his skin. All Chanyeol knows is heat—flames course through his veins and spark under his fingertips. Everything he touches burns.

Except Minseok.

“What are we doing?” Chanyeol asks as he follows Minseok. All of his questions vanish under a new curiosity when they reach outside to see small, white specks fluttering down from the sky. “What is this?”

“Snow,” Minseok says with a smile.

He raises his hands toward the sky and the flurries start raining down harder, covering the ground in pale white. Chanyeol’s eyes widen. The snow lands in Chanyeol’s hair, on his arms, soaking into his warm skin. He looks up and one lands on his tongue. He turns to Minseok with a grin.

It's finally cool.

20. Chansoochen; To the stars


Leaves crunched under rushing feet as three pairs of feet made their way through the forest, the canopy overhead shielding the remaining light from the setting sun. Familiarity pushed them forward through the dark with ease, heads that ducked before low branches in the path and feet that knew where to step without falling.

Jongdae burst through into the clearing, neatly dropping his satchel and hurriedly taking out candles. Chanyeol and Kyungsoo soon followed, both frazzled from the hasty course. They began scattering the candles along the smooth carpet of the glade, with Kyungsoo gently nudging the earth around the base of each candle, securing them in place.

They worked for minutes, arranging the candles in a small circle, a neat symbol in the center. When they were done, Jongdae and Kyungsoo stepped back as Chanyeol gently threw out a circle of flame that lit the hundred candles within the clearing, as the stars began to fill the sky overhead.

Chanyeol shuffled over to where the other two were huddled, a tired expression lit up by the glow of the burning candles. The three of them held each other as they looked up to the stars.

“Happy birthday, Baekhyun.”

21. Chen, Xiumin; Image (Snowy City)

“I would’ve frozen to death out there if you hadn’t come along,” Jongdae admits as they finally approach the village. Already, he envisions the fresh meal from the local inn, the warmth of an actual bed. It’s been a week since he last enjoyed such luxuries -- one long, cold week.

Minseok nudges him, stronger than Jongdae expected. “Don’t be silly. No one’s frozen in these mountains in decades.”

“Because your mountain god wouldn’t allow it?”

He heard the stories while researching his photography assignment, found them cute, but outdated. Maybe he shouldn’t have said anything though -- Minseok’s fallen unnervingly silent. Yet, when Jongdae turns towards his new companion, he only finds a playful smile.

“Mountain god?” Minseok chuckles, amused, “Didn’t realize city boys were so superstitious.”

“I didn’t order coffee,” Jongdae tells the innkeeper, puzzled.

“It’s not for drinking,” she answers. “I saw who led you into the village. Take it to our shrine, you gotta say thanks somehow.”

It’s not Minseok he finds at the shrine later, but rather his guide’s mirror image, etched into stone. At his feet are winter flowers, and other cups labeled with gratitude for the village’s protector.

No wonder Minseok had laughed.

Round 2: Drabbles 22 - 33

[personal profile] exoact 2016-06-25 12:46 am (UTC)(link)

22. Xiumin/Lay; Image (Snowy City)

The landscape was intimidating. Yixing had never seen anything like this in his life. His old house back in his little village seemed insignificant to this majestic architecture surrounding him. But all he could think about was how cold it was. The snow never ending, the chill biting.

“So many before you have tried and failed,” the elderly royal advisor reminded him. “The prince isn’t a bad person. His heart needs to heal. He has to see the good in humanity again. Are you confident you can put an end to this?” he gestured at the snow, the cold.

Yixing shivered and looked up at the castle towering over them. Inside was a prince. A man in fear of himself, of his gift. Prince Minseok who lost his way after the brutal assassination of his parents. Unable to control his power he had turned this city into an icy nightmare.

Yixing thought about the question as they stepped inside the castle. It was even colder inside. He had a gift too but would it be enough for this?

When he finally faced the prince, he had his answer. He would save this soul, if only to see those lips smile.

23. baeklay; Image (Snowy City)

Yixing huddles a little deeper into his coat, wind sharp against his skin. Pennants splash colour through the city surging up around them—if only it weren’t so damn cold, it would’ve been beautiful.

“Almost there,” Baekhyun murmurs encouragingly beside him. His face is half buried in his scarf, his cheeks pink.

“Is it always this cold?” Yixing asks.

“No,” Baekhyun says, and Yixing breathes a sigh of relief because they’re going to be here for at least a month—“Just most of the time!”

“Hey! That’s not what you said when we left Fenmont—”

“I said it’s not that cold,” Baekhyun cuts him off. “Besides…”

“Besides what?”

Suddenly, Baekhyun is so close that Yixing’s eyes cross—their lips brush so briefly it might as well have been a touch of snow.

“We’ll definitely stay warm,” Baekhyun says. His eyes glint with mischief, and Yixing’s heart skips a beat.

24. Chen/Xiumin; Image (Snowy City)

“Daddy, I learned something awesome in history class today! You need to hear it!”

Jongdae smiles as his ecstatic ten year old runs up to him for a hug. “Of course darling, tell me all about it in the car.”

It’s almost another year, Jongdae thinks to himself. He gives his daughter a chaste kiss as he goes to buckle her seatbelt.

Jongdae turns on the radio at a low volume and mentally checks off his to do list. Laundry? Done. Do we need more dish soap? No. Oh, I think I need to pick up some clementines—

“because Chen left!“

Jongdae suddenly tunes in to his daughter’s ramblings. “What did you say sweetie?”

“I said, that’s why it randomly snows on my birthday every single year!”

Jongdae tenses. “And why is that?”

“Oh daddy, you’re so silly. I already said! It’s because on my birthday, the snow god Xiumin was left by his lover Chen who chose the mortal life over him. His tears turn into snowflakes!”

Jongdae feels his chest tighten.

“It’s sad, right daddy? I wish Xiumin wouldn’t cry anymore and gets his one true love back!”

“I do too,” Jongdae whispers sadly. I do too.

25. suho/lay; Baby Don't Cry | Warnings: implied character death

Silver flashes across the surface of the sea like diamonds, the calm after the storm. The water molds around him like a second skin, yet Joonmyun struggles in its sudden unfamiliarity, yearning for just one more moment on the land from which Yixing has launched himself, swimming towards Joonmyun in frantic strokes.

Yixing can barely swim—it’s how Joonmyun had fallen in love. But there is little Joonmyun can do now. His hands have faded into foam, the knife, still clean, sinks below the waves where it belongs, leaving behind an ache of relief.

“You weren’t supposed to find the letter yet,” and Joonmyun chokes on the words, because even at the end, he can’t get things right. “Go back, you’ll drown—you’ll die.”

But Yixing doesn’t, because Yixing is stubborn, and Yixing’s head dips below and Joonmyun’s heart drops and he comes up sputtering, gasping for breath, beads of water trailing down his face.

“If you told me, if I knew—I would’ve died for you in a heartbeat—”

“It’s why I didn’t,” Joonmyun says—but his voice has already melted into the sea, and only the waves lapping against the beach are left to carry his reply.

26. Suho/Chen; To the stars

Junmyeon walks in long strides, his steps echoing steadily against the shuttle's metal floor as he enters the cockpit. It isn't his first time flying, and he's got nothing to be afraid of.

"Hyung," someone says from behind him and Junmyeon turns around.

Jongdae is standing right at the cockpit's threshold, nervous smile on his face and his helmet under his arm. He looks petite in his suit, the bulky layers making his head look tiny in comparison to his wide body.

"Will we really be okay?" Jongdae asks.

"Of course," Junmyeon answers as he moves around, flipping switches and pressing buttons as they prepare for take off. "Being in space is an incredible experience, you'll love it."

Jongdae doesn't offer a response, instead taking his seat and mirroring Junmyeon as he straps himself in. His hands are visibly shaking as they grip onto his helmet, and Junmyeon softens at the sight.

"It'll be fun. Trust your captain, okay?" Junmyeon smiles, putting his hand over one of Jongdae's and squeezing.

Junmyeon gets a smile this time, Jongdae's eyes crinkles telling him it's a genuine one.

"To the stars?" Junmyeon asks Jongdae when they're ready for take off.

"To the stars!"

27. Sehun, Suho; Image (Truck)

Sehun stretches beside him on the grass -- lazily, carelessly, heedless of the cameras zooming in on them and the staff scurrying around them -- and not for the first time does Junmyeon find himself transfixed. A little envious even, because what he wouldn't give for Sehun's ever growing height and the way his modelesque figure managed to salvage even the most ridiculous styling.

"You've grown so much," Junmyeon can't help commenting, eyes trailing down Sehun's long torso, his longer legs. His ankles peek out from between the hemline of his pants and his shoes, not entirely by design.

A small, smug smile spreads across Sehun's face. "I couldn't stay cute and pocket-sized forever, hyung. Not like some people."

It's easy not to rise to the bait, especially when Junmyeon’s known Sehun for as long as he has. Long-earned affection filters every one of Sehun’s misdemeanors in Junmyeon’s eyes, transforms them into love bites as gentle as Byul’s.

“You’ll always be cute to me,” Junmyeon assures him, leaning over to rest his head on Sehun’s shoulder. It’s easier to manage, lying down together like this instead of standing side by side. The distance between them doesn’t seem quite so far.

28. Chanyeol/Kyungsoo; Image (Truck)

"Red Velvet, Taemin, Tiffany noona," Chanyeol pauses as he counts them off on his fingers, checking for any signs of a roaming Baekhyun because amiable or not, a break-up was still a break-up, "Taeyeon noona. We should’ve known they would’ve eventually sent us over here for filming too."

"It's practically as much of an SM tradition as someone breaking their leg. Or a lawsuit," Kyungsoo agrees dryly. He wipes at the endless sweat forming at the nape of his neck, but honestly, he deserves it for insisting on his all-black nonsense despite knowing California was very obviously much hotter than Seoul. Chanyeol wonders at his chances of Kyungsoo stripping off his shirt like the rest of them already have, at how long that stubbornness of his can hold out.

Besides Kyungsoo’s lack of cooperation though, Chanyeol can’t really complain. The MV shoot’s been more of a vacation than a job this time around, especially after they had gotten the dance scenes out of the way. If he closes his eyes, he can pretend he’s on a real break, not just from filming. That Kyungsoo’s sitting beside him on the California coast because he wants to, not because he’s on standby.

29. Minseok/Jongdae; Image (Truck)

"Wait!" Jongdae trembled as Minseok detached his mouth from his neck. "Isn't your father coming to the corn field next?"

Looking out the window Jongdae identified an identical truck just a few kilometers away though the naughty glint in Minseok's eyes already told him everything.

"Yes," Minseok said with a grin before slipping a hand inside Jongdae's loose trousers, "so that gives us about half an hour until he finds us, better make the most of it," he winked before lowering his head down on Jongdae's lap. The inside of the trunk was cramped and under the scorching sun it felt hotter than desirable but Jongdae could barely think once Minseok's plump lips wrapped around his cock.

And to think Jongdae fought with his parents before going all the way over to the countryside. He would need to apologize once he went back; summer jobs are really fun after all.

30. Sehun/Junmyeon; Baby Don't Cry | Warnings: gore

Junmyeon's laughter dissolves into bubbles inside the artificial tank. It amuses him to see the lackeys eyeing his sharp fangs with fear as his grin grows wider behind Sehun's back.

The way Sehun dismisses them is haughty, filled with foolish indifference and a twinge of impatience as the young lord has itches to be alone with his newest and precious acquisition.

Once Sehun closes the door he almost but dashes toward the tank, eyes wide and searching from Junmyeon's hair to his fin and scales. Junmyeon preens under the attention and when Sehun reaches out for him with his hand in the water he adoringly links their hands together.

It reminds him of his capture: Sehun's poorly conceived trap made with only a handful of gold and sapphires, not knowing that what really attracted Junmyeon was the 63kg of human flesh for him to sink into.

Sehun tugs on his hand and Junmyeon is pulled to the surface where dry lips await to kiss his. Sehun tastes sweet and fruity, quite the delicacy you can't find anywhere in the sea.

Junmyeon can't wait to rip his head off; he'll make the most beautiful decoration in his own throne with it.

31. Sehun/Lay; To the stars

“Look at the stars. Beautiful.”

Yixing may be staring at the stars, but Sehun is focused only on Yixing. Sehun touches Yixing’s dimple.

Yixing holds Sehun’s hand there, rubbing his cheek into Sehun’s palm. “I’ll miss you,” he says quietly.

Sehun doesn’t reply.

Yixing tugs at Sehun’s arm. “Hey. You’re not gonna miss me?”

Sehun retracts his arm and shifts away from Yixing. “Of course I’ll miss you. Even more than you’ll miss me…”

“Stop sulking.” Yixing hits Sehun playfully and snuggles closer to him, resting his head on Sehun. “It’s our last night together.”

“Keep rubbing it in.”

Yixing hits Sehun again. “Stop being dramatic is all I’m saying! I won’t be able to kiss your dumb face for a year and you’re gonna treat me like this?”

“You’re the one leaving me.”

That’s when it dawns on Yixing. Sehun tries to hide it, but Yixing knows. He knows how much Sehun’s been hurt in the past.

“Just…look at the stars and think of us. The stars will always be there, and so will I.”

Sehun relaxes. He can hear it in Yixing’s voice, and he can see it in the stars. He and Yixing won’t be torn apart.

32. kai; Baby Don't Cry

The music starts and the lights flash on him as the crowd surges, chanting his name: Kim Jongin. Kim Jongin. Jongin zones out the crowd, letting his body follow the music. A short break before the lights are back on him. His body flows like the water under his feet. It’s cold—but Jongin closes his eyes and let’s himself sink in it. The crowd surges again, louder this time, as his limbs move to the music and water splashes over the edge. Jongin breathes deep.

This is living, he thinks as he falls to his knees.

Cry, cry, cry.

33. chinguline; Image (Truck)

"Chanyeol, I thought you said you would pack our lunch." Kyungsoo's voice is unimpressed, arms crossed in front of him as he eyes the back of the truck.

"I did!" Chanyeol says.

Kyungsoo raises an eyebrow. There’s three bodies in the trunk, all completely drained of blood. That’s not lunch.

“Looks like someone ate it already,” Jongdae says with a huff.

Three pairs of eyes turn to the last member of their group where he sits hunched over on the ground, trying to look as small as possible.


"It wasn't me!"

"You have a little something on your lip,” Kyungsoo says, gesturing towards Chanyeol’s mouth.

Chanyeol wipes at his mouth, flushing guiltily when his thumb comes away streaked with red. "I'm sorry, I was hun—ow, Kyungsoo!" he yelps, flailing at the sharp tug on his ear.

"Newborns," Baekhyun sighs, shoving the leg hanging out back into the trunk.