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part three hundred and thirty five

X99 S01 L10
B04 C21 C61
D12 K88 S94
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Round 3: Drabbles 13-25

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13. Chen/Xiumin; Artificial Love

“You’re basically my wife anyway,” Minseok replies easily when asked. Jongdae is surprised to find that for once, he doesn’t sound flustered at all. The casual way he accepts the offer actually makes Jongdae’s blood rush to his cheeks, the need to wail into his hands growing ever stronger.

“How are you so calm about this?” he whines instead, face pressed against the cold, unforgiving surface of the table between them. He deserves it for coming up with this whole con. “We’re going to be lying to everyone and for what? Just to take advantage of couple deals at coffee shops?” Each cup is going to be bitter with guilt and regret.

“They’re great deals, I’m glad you told me about them” Minseok argues gently as he takes Jongdae’s hand and rubs soothing circles into it with his thumb. “We’ll just spend an extra five minutes in the confessional next weekend then, right after the marriage vows.”

“Your jokes are worse than Junmyeon hyung’s these days. You are worse than Junmyeon hyung these days.”

“That’s not true,” Minseok says, resting his head on the table as well so he can meet Jongdae’s eyes, “otherwise you would’ve asked him out instead.”

14. xiubaek; The Little Prince

The full moon wavered in the still water of the fountain, illuminating the courtyard on a cool summer night. Perched on the edge of the fountain, Baekhyun watched with some amusement as the prince peeled away from the shadows.

“So you came.”

“So this is goodbye,” Minseok said.

“I did tell you, you were wasting your time on me,” Baekhyun said. He dipped a finger into the faintly glowing water. “We never can stay for long.”

The prince laughed, still an arms length away, as if afraid that were he to approach, Baekhyun would melt away that much sooner.

“Time wasted on something precious,” Minseok said. He nodded towards Baekhyun. “Even if my father has a thousand fountains, this will always be the one I treasure the deepest.”

Baekhyun snorted. “Cheesy.”

“And every time I hear the bubbling of a brook, I’ll remember your laugh—and that far outweighs any loneliness,” Minseok forged on unheeding, then grinned, not prettily at all. “All those poetry lessons had to go somewhere.”

“I will take that with me in my heart,” Baekhyun said, mock solemn. And with one last look over his shoulder, he dover under the water, leaving droplets of laughter behind.

15. Chen/Suho; Image (Ferris Wheel)

As far as Jongdae can remember, his life has revolved around Junmyeon, who has been his first friend, his first crush, his one true love, who will be leaving town without a return ticket. His supposedly straight friend who kissed him on the lips after a night of drinking celebrating his job offer in the big city. “A drunken mistake” has been the excuse. Jongdae chooses to believe it.

It surprises him that Junmyeon still wants to spend his last night in town with him. A trip to the amusement park, “to remember the good times”. Times when Jongdae didn’t dare to hope for more. Sitting together in the pod of the ferris wheel now, he believes more is possible.

“Junmyeon, I lo-”

“Please,” Jumyeon looks pained. “Don’t. I… I can’t. I can never… “

Jongdae nods quickly. “I understand.”

He does. Sometimes, love is not worth the risk.

He feels Junmyeon hold his hand in his, a grateful smile on his face.

He’s heard people say that life is like a wheel; today you are on top, tomorrow you are looking up from the bottom. Tonight Jongdae will cherish this view, because his wheel is never going up again.

16. laysoo; Trust me on this one | Warnings: dead bodies?

“You still trust me, right?” Yixing says.

Kyungsoo glances at the dead bodies piled up in the corridor, and feels his eyebrows shoot up.


“It’s not like I wanted to kill them.” Yixing pouts—still cute despite the blood soaked into his shirt. Kyungsoo thinks he’s going to be sick.

Yixing has a point. They’d attacked, and Kyungsoo rather prefers being alive to the alternative.

“So…did you want to continue?” Yixing asks, rubbing the back of his head, like there wasn’t a pile of corpses right there.

“You can’t be serious.” Kyungsoo gapes at him. “What about them!”

“Yeah, but they’re dead,” Yixing says matter-of-factly. “It’s not like they can see anything.”

“Oh for—” He has a point. And dead bodies aside, between the adrenaline rush and unfinished business…Kyungsoo closes the distance and crushes their mouths together in a kiss.

He was never dating a mafia boss again.

17. Suho/Lay; The Little Prince

The bench creaks under Joonmyun’s added weight.

"I like watching sunsets," Yixing says, but his eyes remained fixed beyond the trees, not on Joonmyun. His guitar sits beside him, his sweater too light for autumn, but it’s no longer Joonmyun’s place to chide him.

“'One loves the sunset, when one is so sad.'” The quote comes to mind unbidden.

Yixing’s eyes widen before falling nearly shut, a quiet smile playing about the set of his lips. “Were you very sad then? The day of the forty-four sunsets?” Yixing murmurs. “Forty-four—what a strange number.”

“I’ve never seen more than one sunset a day,” he adds.

Joonmyun laughs. “The foibles of Earth.”

“No, I don’t think so.”

He waits for him to elaborate, but instead, Yixing stands, gathering his guitar.

“It was nice to see you,” Yixing says.

He’s already begun to walk away when he turns, face shadowed, back towards the missing sun.

“You know—sometimes, I do wish I could see it twice.” A smile flashes across his features. “But in the end, I’m always glad I can’t.”

“What about now?” Joonmyun blurts.

“It was nice to see you,” Yixing says again.

And again, Joonmyun quietly lets him go.

18. Chanyeol/Sehun; Image (Ferris Wheel)

The Tokyo night sky barely has any stars but the city lights more than make up for it. Sehun stops eating his cotton candy to gape in awe at the view. Strands of his chestnut hair flow with the wind making him look ethereal and Chanyeol can't stop staring at the full picture.

It's just the two of them in the Ferris wheel capsule, up in the air and away from prying eyes. It makes him want to do something crazy.

"I LOVE YOU, OH SEHUN!" Chanyeol yells suddenly, startling Sehun into dropping his cotton candy some hundred meters below.

"What the hell?" Sehun laughs and Chanyeol's ears have the decency to turn pink.

"Is that how you repay me after I announce it to the world?" Chanyeol sulks, though he readily accepts Sehun's shy sugary pecks on his lips.

"Do it again, I want to record it this time."

19. chanlay; Artificial Love

The first time Chanyeol spoke of it he was fifteen, prickly, and feeling terribly betrayed.
“My sister just programmed you to like me, right?” He asked, watching how Yixing would react, the stiff way he settled the tea tray over Chanyeol’s study desk, the delayed response— He’s an older model, terrible to find parts for, his sister had scribbled in the margins of her dissertation.
“I’ll come back with more sandwiches,” Yixing said. Chanyeol kicked the chair over just to see him flinch and he didn’t and Chanyeol felt himself yelling, “That was a direct question, you’re supposed to answer,” like a proper asshole.
The second time was when they came for his sister’s research.
“I order you,” Chanyeol began, trying to figure out the unlocking sequence of his restraints, “to untie me and let me back into the house. Let me speak to them.” They will burn the house down, all of his sister’s work. Old parts are hard to find.
Yixing gave him a well-practiced smile. “Overruled. Your evacuation is priority.” And he bent down to give him a kiss on the forehead, like Chanyeol was eight, ten, fifteen again. “Be good now.” And Chanyeol wanted to cry.

20. Chanyeol/Lay; Artificial Love

Chanyeol leans back and closes his eyes, prodding Lay awake.

"I don’t know why I installed you," he mumbles. "You’re so…slow."

He can feel the browser booting up in his circuits, and grins as Lay finally gets up and running.

“I’m doing my best,” Lay says. He sighs. “You just want me to search up porn for you again anyway.”

“Hey! I…” Chanyeol trails off, because okay, that’s kind of what he’d had in mind.

“I have your history,” Lay says pleasantly. “Give me a second.”

“More like a minute,” Chanyeol says.

Lay blinks. “You can wait that long. Or you could uninstall me.”

“No! No that’s…uh, I mean, I’d never uninstall you, take your time…”

Lay chuckles at Chanyeol’s panic. “I’m not so easy to replace, and you know I’m your only browser who didn’t get infected.”

“Yeah, that’s why,” Chanyeol says. The truth was, he’d miss the company.

21. baekhyun/chanyeol; Image (Ferris Wheel)

baekhyun cannot believe he is spending a friday night waiting to go on a fucking ferris wheel. the line for the ride is thankfully short. though, he cannot say the same about his dick currently.

“maybe we should go home,” he tries.

“nope! you lost the bet,” chanyeol reminds him.

their turn for the ride arrives. baekhyun sighs and follows his boyfriend into the cart.

“hey,” chanyeol nudges him as the wheel starts moving slowly. he looks worried. “i’m just joking, you know? we don’t have to do this if you-”

“are you kidding? i would regret it forever,” baekhyun assures him with a laugh. he gives chanyeol a quick kiss before unzipping his own jeans.

“already hard?” chanyeol asks, amused. he places his hand inside and fists baekhyun’s dick. baekhyun whimpers. fuck the bet.

“remember,” chanyeol whispers, squeezing baekhyun’s dick. “you cannot come until we get to the top.”

22. D.O/Lay; Image (Ferris Wheel)

Kyungsoo wakes up in Yixing’s arms, head nestled against collarbones. He feels a faint breeze and hears waves in the distance. Grogginess subsiding, Kyungsoo finds the two of them at the top of a ferris wheel.

“You’re awake,” Yixing whispers, voice cracking.

Kyungsoo immediately breaks away from Yixing’s embrace. “Let me look at you.”

Yixing turns away, burying his face in his arm.

Kyungsoo realizes there’s no noise aside from the ocean and the creaking of the ferris wheel. He scans the city and finds it’s deserted. Kyungsoo starts to panic.

“How long have I been out?”

No reply.

Kyungsoo forces Yixing to look at him. To his horror, Yixing is pale, eyes jaundice.

“We talked about this Yixing! You can’t let this happen!” Kyungsoo yells deliriously.

“You said you always wanted to go to the fair…”

By now, Yixing is coughing up a fit. Kyungsoo can barely hold onto his composure. Hot tears blur his vision. “There’s life past this city, Yixing. You can heal them. You can’t--“

“They say this is the pandemic to wipe out mankind,” Yixing laughs.

“You can’t save me at the expense of the nation,” Kyungsoo sobs. “Yixing... please. Let me go. Save yourself.”

23. chensoo; The Little Prince 198 w

24. chansoo; Artificial Love

“Do you love me?” Chanyeol asks.

“I do not know love,” DKS93BOT replies.

“Program 486 should be working now,” Chanyeol murmurs, popping open DKS93BOT’s chest plate.

It’s a mess of wires and grids, and a metal box in the place a human heart would be. It’s Chanyeol’s pet project, a program to make robots feel love. He tests his fingers against the box, and it flashes red.

“It’s on.” Chanyeol hums. He closes the chest plate and looks up into DKS93BOT’s wide eyes. “Why don’t you love me?”

“I do not know love,” DKS93BOT repeats.

“Damn it.” Chanyeol huffs. “I’ll have to start over with a new model.”

Chanyeol leaves the room. What he doesn’t see: DKS93BOT lifting his hand and reaching out, just grazing the back of Chanyeol’s jacket. DKS93BOT lets his arm fall back to his side and closes his eyes.

“Why don’t you love me?” he whispers.

25. Baekhyun/D.O.; Artificial Love

He can't do this anymore, not alone.

Eventually his dick grows soft and his thrusts stop as he starts full out sobbing and crying pathetically over Baekhyun's mainly unresponsive body. Baekhyun sighs and maneuvers Kyungsoo to rest beside him on the bed.

"All this stress from work is ruining you mentally and physically," Baekhyun says matter-of-factly as if they weren't trying to have sex literally seconds ago. He tucks the sheets around Kyungsoo and then gives him a goodnight kiss, "I love you."

Baekhyun's words are hollow like their vows and cold as the wedding band resting on the nightstand.
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